change your mind change your life



Hypnotherapy can help you make the positive changes you need to achieve your goals and can treat  a wide range of problems such as anxiety, stress, self-confidence, depression, addictions, compulsions, weight loss, stop smoking, self-esteem or improve performance.


You may have a preconception of hypnotherapy and feel apprehensive about the therapy.  Please be reassured that its safe, being hypnotised is like being in a daydream state and you are fully in control when under hypnosis.   Below is a list of issues I deal with regularly but please contact me if there is anything else which is preventing you from leading a better life.



How many session you require will depend on the reasons why you are seeking hypnotherapy, most clients require between 1 to 4 sessions others may require more depending on individual circumstances. 




Would you like to feel happy with your weight and no longer feel like you are on a "diet"?


Weight loss is not complicated, it is a simple equation of energy in versus energy out, so choosing food wisely and moving more.  Simple?  yes.     So if it's that simple why do so many people battle with weight loss?   That is the question which led me to study hypnotherapy and NLP,   I wanted the skills to be able to help my clients have the tools to explore and address the negative behaviours and attitudes which prevent them from achieving their goals.  

We all have different relationships with food and  often have beliefs about food which can be negative.   Sometimes food is used for comfort even when we are not hungry, eat through boredom or stress or as a punishment.     


During our initial session we will explore your eating patterns and use Hypnosis and other powerful techniques to help you change your attitude, and also help to increase your confidence even more.


Hypnotherapy is like a massage for the mind, just as you would have a massage to relax your body you also need to relax the mind.  Not only does being in a trance like state relax you mentally, you are still alert and open to positive suggestions for any unwanted behaviours and thoughts.   


Your habitual thoughts and reactions may have taught your brain to be anxious and stressed, once taught these habitual thoughts and reactions keep you stressed and anxious.   Hypnotherapy and NLP can help with  confidence and introduce coping mechanisms to deal with symptons and overcome limiting behaviour. 




Do you feel like a volcano ready to explode?    Wound up, cannot cope with another thing to do no matter how small the task?

When you feel stressed, our bodies react with the “fight or flight” response.  Our muscles become tense, our heart and respiration rates increase, and other physiological systems become taxed.   Without the ability to relax, chronic stress and anxiety can lead to burnout, anger, irritability, depression and medical problems.


Some stress is good for us but it needs to be balanced with the ability to deeply relax, the exact opposite of the “fight or flight” response.     When we are totally relaxed it allows the body to experience a decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, breathing and oxygen consumption. 


Relaxation allows the mind to calm down and the benefits include a reduction of generalized anxiety, prevention of cumulative stress, increased energy, improved concentration and increased self-confidence.


 Feelings of anxiety can also be alikened to "being out of your comfort zone" again part of your fight or flight responses.  You may feel nervous about a work presentation, an interview, a social event fills you with fear,  anything which affects you.


You may feel mild anxiety or it can be debilitating and you cannot face the event at all and decline, severe anxiety can lead to panic attacks.    Certain situations may trigger your feelings of anxiety and this then becomes a habitual learned behaviour, which we will address during the sessions. 




The best hypnotherapist in the world cannot stop you smoking if you don’t really want to. Make sure you are stopping for you and not because someone tells you to. You are no different to other addicted smokers who have successfully given up the habit for good and would never want to put another cigarette in their mouth ever again.

Once you decide you want some help to stop smoking, give me a call and we can go from there. When you come for your appointment, you will be asked to refrain from smoking for at least three hours before. 





Do you freeze in fear when you see a  (insert name of animal relevant to you ) ?   Are you terrified of flying or visiting the dentist? 


If your phobia is restricting your life, it doesn't have to.   Phobias and fears are something you learn, you learn to be scared of an object or situation and that fear goes beyond a mild feeling of fear it becomes an  irrational  fear.      Hypnotherapy brings your fear under control so you can deal with your phobia in a calm  relaxed manner.    





An eating disorder means having a problem with food, and can manifest itself as overeating, binge eating, bulimia, anorexia or difficulties in eating certain types of food.


Behind this, and any compulsive behaviour lies anxiety and fear. If you think an eating disorder you may be aware of what makes you anxious. The ongoing problem will certainly make you anxious, or perhaps it is past experiences that have caused you to lose confidence within yourself and the behaviour you do continues. 

The first step to recovery is to help you to overcome the anxieties and to feel more confident that you can really overcome the problem. The second part is to create a new future for you without the problem. Some eating disorders require longer-term therapy, but after talking to your therapist, you have an idea of what you can look forward to.


Contact me if there is anything else you you like to discuss.