For the ultimate health and fitness experience, a workout designed totally for you, with your requirements and goals in mind.   


Whether you want to be the next Mo Farah, want to be able to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath, train for weight loss, build power to improve any sport or need rehabilitation after an injury.    Whatever your need I can help you achieve it.


I work on a mobile basis and I bring the equipment to you.  So there is no intimidating gym to attend.  We can workout outdoors or in your home or garage.     I can be flexible on time and location.


Why personal training?


I will ensure that your program is totally suited to you and:


You are doing the correct workout and exercises specific to your goal.

You are performing the exercises safely to avoid injury.

Your exercises are suitable for your ability.

You have realistic and specific goals to aim for.


I will also discuss with you ways you can easily improve your nutrition, introduce regular training plan into your life.   You’ll be surprised at how small changes can make a big difference and exercising more really helps with feeling good too.


Lastly I will ensure you keep going, I’ll challenge you when you might just have given up before and having someone to be accountable to is a big motivation to take action.




I also run bespoke training sessions for couples, groups of friends, colleagues, families all aiming for similar goals.   Working out with others means you have the support of each other between sessions. 


The cost of the sessions will depend on location and numbers attending.  Please contact me to discuss this further.



I have been co-running VIBES Health & Fitness since 2009.   Our timetable at the present time includes Indoor Cycling (“spin” classes), Boxercise and Circuit Training in Catfield, Spixworth and Coltishall.  To view our currently timetable please click here.   


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