Hope you had a good February. For the month of February I have decided to cut the sweet stuff from my food intake.

I got myself into into some bad habits during lockdown and then Christmas pushed it to another level. So my February challenge to myself was to give up chocolate, cake, biscuits and all things sugary for 28 days. I put the challenge out there on my social media too and had some people also take up the challenge.

Day 12 and it has been a lot easier than I thought and I am already feeling so much better for it.

I love food and eating should be an enjoyable experience, “eat what makes you happy” is something I say to my clients a lot. It's just a case of tuning into your own thoughts and feelings to notice what actually does make you happy and feel good because it isn't always what you first think. Consider these scenarios and how you think and feel about them:-

1. Do you eat to cheer yourself up?

2. Do you tell yourself you deserve a treat?

3. Do you feel deprived if you deny yourself “a treat”?

If you can relate to those questions then press pause, stop before you act and have a think about what you are saying to yourself:-

Does food ever really make you happy? More often than not after overeating, finishing off that packet of biscuits or eating that whole bar of chocolate leads to feeling lethargic, guilty, annoyed, bloated.

As for a treat, the definition of a treat is “an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure” So a treat is not something that you do daily and it should be something that really makes you feel good. If it something you do all the time, a daily occurrence daily then its routine, a habit and not a treat.

Finally think of what being deprived actually means. It is a powerful word when you stop to think about the bigger picture. Are you really deprived if you don’t have a cake? Turn that thinking around, if you have a cake are you not depriving yourself of how you would rather feel/be?

If you would like to make some healthier swaps with your food, consider swapping shop bought products for real food and find new recipes which avoid sugar.

These websites are a great source of recipes and swaps to be kinder to your body:-

British Heart Foundation No need to wait until you are ill before you

Diabetes UK use these websites.


Start with one habit you want to change and find a healthier option to leave you feeling better both mentally and physically.

Jane Turner

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