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Most of us know what we need to do to lose weight but why do some find it harder than others. Mostly its down to your own mindset, your thoughts, your ingrained behaviour and actions which hold you back from achieving the results you want. Learn how to control your thoughts, change your mind and change your weight.

From working with clients as a Personal Trainer over the last 10 years, it became obvious that even when individuals know what they should be doing to lose weight they still couldn’t achieve it. This lead me to qualify in NLP and Hypnotherapy so I had the skills to help clients see things differently and to begin to challenge their own mindset, behaviours and attitudes which hold them back from change.

Weight Loss Workshops

My weight loss workshops are designed to achieve long term lifestyle changes and aim for steady weight loss of 1lb per week. I focus on the mindset, looking at behaviours and attitudes to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. I also include the basics of weight loss and understanding the process so individuals can be more mindful of what and why they are eating.

My current workshops are run over 8 sessions, which last about 45 minutes each and are run online via zoom.

Course Content:


The Mindset

During these workshops we being explore your mindset and how you think and feel about your health and their fitness and how your own mind could be holding you back from what you really want.

We begin to look at how easily you can change your thoughts and how you feel and begin to question certain behavior and beliefs. Finding the real motivation for change and to take action to make it happen.

The Numbers

Weight loss is energy in versus energy out so although I do not encourage calorie counting we do look at calories and how they can soon mount up and what that means for weight gain or loss.

Hypnosis Recording

You have access to my own weigh loss hypnosis recording which you can download and keep.


The Numbers

These sessions include more on calculating your own specific calorie allowance. We discuss Basal Metabolic Rate, Body Mass Index, Waist to Hip Ratio and what they mean.

I talk about exercise in relation to weight loss. These sessions bring your awareness to your own body's needs and really make you think about the impact your current choices are having on your health. e a look at how amazing the human body is and how much we take it for granted. Becoming mindful of the impact of whatever we eat/drink has on our body. Eat well to be proactive not reactive to illness.

Food Groups, Portion Sizes & Overeating

We look at protein, carbs, fats and the energy they provide and which keep us feeling full for longer. We also look at how much our body needs of each food group per day. We look at portion sizes and knowing how much is too much. Tuning into how the body feels.

Power of The Mind

This section is about controlling that part of the mind, the self-sabotage and why you keep doing what you don't want to.


Plan for Life

This session is about life and weight loss not running in one consistent smooth path, managing times like Christmas, birthdays, holidays etc. Life is to be enjoyed. Eating should be a pleasure, it should make you feel good. So it's about finding that balance.

Emotional Eating

We discuss emotional eating and triggers, peer pressure and how to deal with it and consider alternative coping strategies they can introduce instead of turning to food.

We look at the wheel of life - as other areas in your life may impact your health and mindset and can lead to emotional eating.

Stress and Your Health

The impact of stress on your health and how adopting a healthier lifestyle can make such a difference. Consider having some “me time” too.

80/20 Rule

Applying the 80/20 rule to your life shows you that one bad day is not the end, it is not failure. Its about finding the balance that works for you.

Hypnosis Recording 2

I provide another of my recordings for participants to use at home, which addresses emotional eating.


Dealing with Peer & Family Pressure

Being prepared for family ridicule or feeders and how to stand firm politely. How what you say to them can have an impact and bring them on your side without hurting their feelings.

Eating Out

Looking at social occasions, eating out, better choices to make, planning ahead.


Looking at how we really only need to visit 20% of the shelf space in a supermarket, avoid “products”.

Beware of misleading marketing, low-fat low-calorie, is not always as healthy as it appears.

Reading food labels.


The impact of exercise on our health, how much you should do etc.

Maintaining Weight Loss

What happens when the participants have reached their goal?

Relapsing danger signs and how to nip relapses in the bud.

Next Course Dates: Begins Monday 29th March 2021

Course reduced from £50

to £30 - don't miss it.

1. The 8 sessions over 8 weeks.

2. Supporting documentation.

3. Two hypnosis recordings for weight loss and emotional eating.

4. Facebook Support Group


New dates will be added to my Facebook Page Events or contact me directly for details or to register your interest in future dates.

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