How did your year go?

Did you start 2019 with the aim to lose weight and get fitter?

As 2019 is drawing to a close, can you look back with a sense of pride at the achievements you made during the last 12 months? Well done if you did. In reality, however, perhaps you became one of the statistics that show only 2 out of 10 of us stick to our new-year resolutions.

Fitness themed and eating or weight loss resolutions are the most widely pursued new-year goals – making up over half of the proposed New Year’s resolutions.

So why do so many of us fail? We are creatures of habit, it requires effort to change and so to continue as we are seems easier.

We often take the wrong approach with our attitude too and concentrate on the negatives of change rather then looking at the positives.

You can achieve anything you want to by taking responsibility for your actions and having a positive attitude to the changes you need to make.

Whatever your goal imagine how fantastic you will feel when you have achieved it?

Work out why you want to achieve your goal, what difference will it make to you? You need to find your drive, motivation and your passion for wanting to change.

Use these positive images and feelings to keep your focus. Get passionate about your goals, make a list of why you want to achieve them and refer to the list on a regular basis to keep you motivated.

The only thing that has stopped you making changes before is you. So don’t let another year slip by, turn off that TV and take some action. Start to embrace change and believe that change will bring you new opportunities – it will. The difference between try and triumph is just a little “umph!

If you didn't achieve all you set out to in 2019, don't get despondent get determined and make sure 2020 is the year you make change happen.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a fit and healthy 2020.

Jane Turner

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