How I Overcame My Fear

"For all of my adult life I've always wanted to give blood and help save lives, but have never been able to get up the courage to make that step into a centre due to my fear of seeing a needle in my arm and blood coming out into a bag.

I'm fine with getting injections, and have suffered through blood tests, but I've never been able to watch any procedures and used to get all queasy just thinking about it. Until Jane and her magic brain thing!

As I work in an acute hospital we had the opportunity to take part in the SIREN study to test NHS workers for Covid throughout the pandemic. Although it meant having fortnightly blood tests and nasal swabs, I saw this as an opportunity to try and overcome my fear of needles and blood. When Jane found out and offered to do her magic I thought it couldn't hurt.

By the end of the first session, done on-line, I already started to have a change of outlook to giving blood and having a needle in my arm. When I went for my first session I couldn't believe how it worked. I was able to actually watch the needle going into my arm for the first time ever. Out of habit I did turn away when the blood started coming out, but I soon turned back to look and was amazed.

We decided to have a second session just to deal with the new feelings that I now had about the process, and since then I'm absolutely calm, cool and collected every time I turn up for my blood tests. I have now booked for my first ever blood donation on the 9th April. I actually can't wait to go knowing that it will all be fine and I can do my bit to help others.

Thank you Jane and your reprogramming of my fears."

Bev, March 2021

Whatever your fear is we can work together so you can be free of it for the rest of your life. How good would that feel? It is possible.

I can work with you online so distance is no issue or we can meet at Milestone Therapy Centre in Stalham. Contact me if you have any questions or wish to book an appointment.

Jane Turner

One Life Live it Well

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