Losing Weight for Life

This is a client I started working with in March 2018, the photo on the left is Ed before he decided he wanted to improve his health. He has gradually lost 49lbs / 22kg over time, no quick hit, no fasting. Ed has approached this by changing his habits, cutting out the unhelpful foods and finding alternatives which make him feel and look so much healthier.

Ed freely admits he doesn't like exercise, in fact he frequently reminds me of this when I turn up for his workout, but he does notice how good he feels afterwards, it puts a spring back in his step so he keeps going. The benefits of working out for Ed outweigh the consequence of not exercising.

Its the 3rd of January today and Ed had his first session of the year this morning, like most of us he had more than his body needed over Christmas and New Year and he didn't need the scales to tell him that, he could feel it. Weight is not about hitting one goal on the scales and staying there forever, weight fluctuates, that's normal. I always advise my clients to allow 7lbs or one notch on their belt. When clothes start to feel tight its time to get back on track and keep control.

If you believe weight loss will happen in one smooth straight line and then stay constant like the Ideal World graph below you need to brace yourself for bumpier ride like The Reality graph below.

The reality of weight loss is that the numbers will go up as well as down so do not focus on the numbers. Have faith in the changes you’re making and feel the difference.

Keep working towards making yourself feel happier and healthier you will get the results you want. If the results don’t happen contact me for advice.

Change happens when you make it happen. You can do it.



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