Exercise and a healthy diet not only have a positive impact on our bodies inside and out but also have a positive impact on our mind too. Releasing the chemicals and hormones which make us feel more alive, happier and upbeat.

Equally your mindset, beliefs and behaviours really make a difference to your health and overall happiness too. Often “dis-ease” in the mind leads to “disease” in the body.

There is a complex interrelationship between our minds and bodies and the more in tune you learn to become with warning signals the more proactive you can be in preventing potential physical and mental illnesses.

Your mindset, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes really do have a direct impact on your bodies.

Hormones are released in response to your emotions and your state of mind. Some examples of these reactions are anxiety which causes the release of stress hormones, laughing releases endorphins hence the phrase “laughter is the best medicine”. Crying also makes us feel better because it releases oxytocin and endorphins.

Most of the time these hormones and chemicals are good for us and regulate our body’s processes, sometimes however when we put ourselves through long periods of time feeling a certain way then those emotions and the constant release of hormones from either too much anxiety, stress, sadness etc. have no outlet, there is no release and its then that they can begin to have a detrimental affect on our body and you may start to experience physical symptoms such as, headaches, dizziness, muscle tension, muscle pain, stomach problems, chest pain, a faster heartbeat, chronic fatigue, regular colds and infections.

You might also experience some symptoms such as, lack of sleep, bad memory, short tempered or feeling lethargic are just a few.

Perhaps you can recall a time when you've felt run down and your immune system was therefore weak, then you find yourself with a bad cold/cough or worse.

So how can you be proactive and protect both your physical and mental health?

Consider that emotions are energy in motion around your body and they need to be released not blocked inside or held onto without being acknowledged. Allow them to happen. For example you might think crying is a sign of weakness or hold back your tears because you don’t want to worry your family. Actually a good cry releases your emotion and can help reduce pain and promote a sense of well-being because of the hormones it releases. So open the floodgates and have a good cry, it will help you.

If you feel uptight and have a short fuse, find somewhere to go and have a good scream or try some exercise. Find what works to release that tension without holding it in or taking it out on someone else.

Start to tune in and listen to your body, notice how your thoughts are affecting how you feel. Did you get that headache because you’ve been worrying about something that might not actually happen?

Notice any patterns that link your physical symptoms, your state of mind and how you feel so you can begin to find an outlet for that energy (emotion).

Here are some examples for you experiment and fine whatever works for you:-

Remember "dis-ease" in the mind can lead to disease in the body, so learn how to ease your mind to ease body. Your health and happiness matter most in life so keep them at the top of your daily list.

Jane Turner

One Life Live it Well

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