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Updated: Apr 6, 2021


First quarter of 2021 has passed us by already. Did you start the new year with a list of goals or intentions? How well have you done so far? You may have had some obstacles placed in your way of achievement but did you look for solutions or just see problems?

If you are not as far on as you’d prefer to be is there anything you could have done differently or was it totally out of your hands? If it was within your control perhaps your expectations were too high to begin with or maybe you lost your mojo.

Great work if you are on course and feeling motivated about all you have done so far. If you are not feeling so good about where you are right now then its time to turn it around.

Firstly, take a moment to think about why you haven't done as well as you wanted, what happened? What didn't go so well? What could you have done differently ? Learn from it, so you can make sure that you do not repeat it again. Now forget what you didn't achieve and focus on what you did do, what did go well and what you are going to do today and tomorrow to get back on track.

Remember hoping and wishing will not achieve anything. Action and attitude make the difference, keep working towards what you want, keep focusing on all you can do, YOU can achieve what you want to achieve.

Your mindset and your own thoughts decide if you will be a victor or a victim. Success comes to those who have a victors mindset. That's an OAR mindset, imagine rowing up stream making progress, it takes some effort but it is possible. Those who have an OAR mindset are the achiever, they takes ownership of their own life, they know they are accountable for their actions and the final outcome and are also responsible for managing the process and finding solutions to make it happen. They use language such as "I can", "I am" and "I will". They believe in the proces.

The opposite of the OAR mindset is the mindset that makes success hard work, the BED mindset. Where blame, excuses and denial are the main focus. Imagine someone laying in bed waiting for someone else to fix it for them, to provide all the answers and tools they need. They are more of a victim using language such as, "I might", "I should", "its not fair", "its easy for them".

Notice your thoughts and where you would place them in the table below? Are you blaming others, your situation, are you coming up with excuses or just in denial that this is your life and its your responsibility to make it the best you possibly can for your own benefit. To achieve results you need to shift your attitude into the green.

Yes life is very unfair and cruel sometimes. You are on your own very different journey to others. Sometimes those thoughts of “its alright for them they’ve got it easy”? well you could be right but that's life get used to it. You might also be wrong, how do you really know what they have been through in life? How do you know what they've had to deal with? How do you know that they are happy?

Their life is really none of your business, your life is the one you should be focusing on, you've only got the one life and you are the boss, you are in total control of you and how you overcome the curve balls life throws at you. Help yourself by making it the best it possibly can be. Grab our OAR mindset and go after your goals and dreams make them happen because you CAN.

Depending on what life events have happened to you, sometimes it can be extremely difficult or even feel impossible that change can happen. In such cases, please never just accept that's the way your life has to be now, seek some support be it from friends, family, like minded support groups or someone like myself who can coach you through times which may feel out of your control. It really can be better.

You always have a choice to RECOVER & ACHEIVE from whatever life throws at you, sometimes you might just need a little help to regain direction and get past those repetitive behaviours and thoughts. I can help you get back on track, it really is possible.

Jane Turner

One Life Live it Well

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