So consider yourself in that statement and start with CARING for yourself.

What a great month to really think about yourself and improve your own wellbeing. When you feel good it shows and rubs off on others too.

If you are spending lockdown feeling bored, lonely, watching too much television, comfort eating or drinking and feeling sorry for yourself you CAN get yourself out of that rut. It takes a bit of work but it all starts in your mind and only you can achieve it.

So come on, jump off the sofa, give yourself a kick up the backside and let's get your mojo going. If you have a bad day and don’t feel like then allow that day to happen, the next day can be a better day.

So all you need is a pen, a piece of paper and your imagination. Yes we are restricted during lockdown but there is still so much you can do. Just take a moment to think outside the box and get creative. Break it down into days, we’ve got 28 of them this month, so set yourself 28 mini challenges to do and tick them off each day.

Here is an example 28 day challenge but fill your list with whatever you want, try and get some challenges which push you out of your comfort zone too.

There are so many free online tutorials, music and dance sessions, audio sessions to do and learn from. The only limit is your imagination in what to search for.

Look after yourself and have a great February, fill it with all that you CAN do, don't occupy it thinking about what you can't do.

Jane Turner


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