Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Feel confident in your own skin? Get your life back on track for good?

Feel really good about yourself? Lose weight before the end of 2019?

Did you start the year with great plans to lose weight but somehow find yourself no further forward. You struggled, became disheartened and gave up? Perhaps you were goiing about it in the wrong way.

Feel the difference

If you are following a diet ("d") to lose weight then this is your first mistake, diets are hard to sustain, granted you may lose weight quickly in the first week or two and then find it harder as the weeks go by. You might manage to stick it for longer but eventually you give up.

Weight loss takes effort and commitment but it is easy when you know how. You are the hidden secret to the success, if you want it enough and are prepared to make the changes to your lifestyle to achieve it then you are ready to make it happen.

Not sure where or how to start?

I am starting some weight loss groups in the local area and the "d" word is banned, no diet necessary. That's right, no diet, eating should never be a negative experience.

The way to begin your journey to a healthier, slimmer you will be explained over the 4 workshops:

  • learn how to eat in way that you enjoy

  • learn the basics of weight management

  • discover how your beliefs can affect your progress

  • support and guidance throughout your 4 weeks

  • two hypnotherapy recordings included

Let your journey to change start here:-

Feel fantastic again

Spixworth Village Hall:

Next sessions begin on Wednesday 8th January, 7pm for 4 weeks.

Cost of the course is £60

Pebble Studios, Stalham

Sessions begin on Tuesday 7th January 9.30am for 4 weeks.

Cost of the course is £60

Milestone Therapy Centre, Stalham

Sessions begin on Friday 10th January, 6.30pm for 4 weeks.

Cost of the course is £60

Early Bird Discount:

Book and pay for your 2020 course by 31st December and pay 2019 prices, £50. Places limited in each venue.

If you have any questions or you would like to sign up please get in touch click here.

You CAN do it.


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